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Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Get free TitanFall codes here!!

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Sunday, 4 December 2011

Cracking getting better :P

Crack, Source code, themes and more :)

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

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Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Play DS Games on your PC or Laptop!! FOR FREE!!

Hello all,

Guess its been a while!,

So here it is how to play FREE DS and GBA (GameBoyAdvanced) games on your pc or laptop for FREE.

Using an Emulation software called NO$GBA + NO$ZOOMER.

NO$GBA is the actual Emulator and NO$ZOOMER is an addon to get more functionality out of the Emulator!, Simples!. 

Ok a quick how to for you all..

How To Install and Run the NO$GBA Emulator

The process is fairly straightforward:
  • Download the NO$GBA exe
  • Put it in a folder of your choice
  • Prepare your games (back up your cartridges onto your PC)
  • On running NO$GBA will ask for a cartridge/game to load, choose one
  • The game will run automatically

PC Hardware Requirements

The NO$GBA documentation states that a x386 processor should be able to run the emulator, albeit slowly. This may have been true when it was purely a Game Boy Advance emulator (but even then it would have been doubtful).
I recommend, at least, the following:
  • Intel Pentium (Or compatible) Processor
  • At least 256 MB of RAM (if you have only 256MB of RAM in this day and age - UPGRADE!)
  • Video card that supports DirectX9 (when playing any 3D games)
  • Windows XP/2000/Vista
  • Mouse - the emulator uses the mouse as an emulated stylus.
  • A Game Pad is recommended to get the best out of the games. Using the keyboard to play is often too hard.

Getting and Running the NO$GBA Emulator

NO$GBA Install FoldersThe steps to get and run the emulator are as follows:
  • Get the emulator from the Official NO$GBA website
  • (Or alternatively get the NO$GBA emulator from the Emulator Zone website)
  • Prepare your games by downloading the ROM image onto the PC - this is the most complex and difficult part of the process - but this step-by-step guide should help (or this one)
  • Unzip the downloaded emulator file into a folder you want the NO$GBA emulator to reside
  • Double click the 'NO$GBA.EXE' to run the emulator (you will be asked to choose the ROM image for a game before anything else which is why you need the ROM images prepared)
  • Simple as that (apart from the backing up games part!).
Once you have a game running see the next section for changing configuration details.


You can download your ROMS (games) from these helpful Sites!.
4), Plus hundreds of other sites!

EDIT: And remember it won't work without a Game so download a ROM first too!

New Windows 7 Activator CLEAN

Hi the old link is now dead down the page, So is the actual Activator (windows found it!).

So here is a fresh new one!,


If you have any other Activator installed just un-install and install this one, then Enjoy updates on Windows 7

Friday, 29 October 2010

GeoSweep - the NEW national lottery!. UK only

Well I don't usually promote gambling but this is an amazing new concept, and to be honest its got a much higher chance of a win the the Nation lottery.

The game consists of 2 DAILY prize draws,
1), £1,000,000
2), Up to £100,000 and a minimum of £1000 - If you are one of the lucky ones in the 100 Winning square zone.
With a Maximum win of £1,100,000.

Let me explain a little on how it works...

Actually just watch their video its all their and simple too...

Well that pretty much explains it all really!!

But I cannot let you go without a few helping hand links to really give you a chance to WIN!

Strategy give yourself an edge, a winning edge!

and the company FAQ for all of you with more questions still..

You may also catch their TV adds to!, but remember UK only for now!

Enjoy and Geo-Catch me if you can!

Sunday, 6 June 2010

New Boot Animations for the Masses...

Another bootanimation for you all....

*Image quality reduced for upload


Download 15 fps fixed

EDIT: An edited version can be found at the end of this post!

EDIT2: Another refined version for you :P, Again at the end of this post. 

As ever install either as..

1), Put your desire into recovery...

[code]From r5 root methord - thanks to paul @ Modaco

Entering recovery in future

Included with the root script is a script for entering recovery in the future. To use...

* Turn on the device with the volume button held down
* Navigate to the 'RECOVERY' option on the menu, using the volume buttons to move and the power button to select.
* In your terminal window, enter either 'recovery-windows.bat', './recovery-mac.sh' or './recovery-linux.sh' as appropriate.
* It is recommended that you do NOT use the 'USB mount' functionality in the recovery image!

Obviously were are using ./recovery-linux.sh in this guide

2), Then issue command # sudo ./adb-linux push bootanimation.zip /data/local

Making sure bootanimations.zip is in the root of the adb folder on your pc.

3), Now highlight the reboot phone option and select it, Reboot and enjoy!!


Failing that you can ..

1. Download "Root Explorer" from the android market.
2. Copy the bootanimation.zip to the root of your sdcard,
3. Using root explorer copy the bootanimation.zip to /data/local reboot and enjoy!

EDIT: Added extra frame to stop the "s" Hanging in the htc desire anime. 

Download below, enjoy!

Edited versions :P

1:  Download here ......  @ 1.62mb
2:  Download here ......   @ 1.71mb

*** REMEMBER TO RENAME THEM TO JUST "  bootanimation  "   ***