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Friday, 29 October 2010

GeoSweep - the NEW national lottery!. UK only

Well I don't usually promote gambling but this is an amazing new concept, and to be honest its got a much higher chance of a win the the Nation lottery.

The game consists of 2 DAILY prize draws,
1), £1,000,000
2), Up to £100,000 and a minimum of £1000 - If you are one of the lucky ones in the 100 Winning square zone.
With a Maximum win of £1,100,000.

Let me explain a little on how it works...

Actually just watch their video its all their and simple too...

Well that pretty much explains it all really!!

But I cannot let you go without a few helping hand links to really give you a chance to WIN!

Strategy give yourself an edge, a winning edge!

and the company FAQ for all of you with more questions still..

You may also catch their TV adds to!, but remember UK only for now!

Enjoy and Geo-Catch me if you can!