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Monday, 31 May 2010

Make CA$H from your android phone!

Earn money with your phone through wifi and phone cell towers UK included.

Navizon have just released a new software version of Navimote (v1.07) for Android handsets.

Ever wondered how you could transform the miles you travel into cash in your account. Well, now you can with Navizon rewards.

When you use Navizon with a GPS device, every Wi-Fi access point and Cell tower that you pass by will be logged and turned into points on your account.

If they are discovered by you (If you are the first one to map them)

15 points for each cellular tower
3 points for each Wi-Fi access point

If they have already been mapped by someone else
(except in a few areas)

1 point for each Wi-Fi access point
2 points for each cellular tower

Once you have 10,000 points, you can redeem them for a reward, and $15 will be wired to your Paypal account (minus the Paypal fee in the amount of $0.29).

Note: You may also choose to redeem a reward for a free upgrade to Navizon Premium.

The idea is fairly simple: some users who have GPS enabled phones, or a standalone GPS device map the wireless landscape (ie. the location of Cell towers and Wi-Fi Access Points) wherever they go, so that other users who don’t have GPS will be able to use a positioning system that works independent of GPS.

Instead, location is achieved by triangulating those same Wi-Fi and/or Cellular signals, whose location is now known thanks to the "mappers."

Like in every community, there are the people who do the work and others who benefit from it.

So users who don't want to map any points, but still want the full featured version of Navizon, need to buy it.

But the money is not going in our pockets, it is going in the pockets of those who make Navizon possible, by mapping the wireless landscape wherever they go.

Set-Up Instructions.

Please uninstall the old one and search for Navimote in the market.
The new one is version 1.0.7.

When you start Navimote, click "menu".
It has the usual options (enable/disable, register token and manage account).

Under the "advanced" option you have "Reset network settings":
Use this is you can't be located - it will re-establish the connection with the server.

And you also have the new options:

Power mode:
High = Navimote will always attempt to use the GPS on, in order to collect data
Normal = Navimote will will attempt to use the GPS only when the phone is connected to an external power source. This makes sense for people who always connect the phone to a car charger when driving.

Navizon account:
Enter your Navizon username/password and you will accumulate points in your Navizon account when you collect data.

Upload the data you have collected to the Navizon server.

Just like all other versions of Navimote, the collected cells/wifi or the number of rewarded points are not displayed on the screen - so you will have to check your rewards page on 
http://www.navizon.com if you want to see your points status. (You can use "manage account" to do this)

I recommend that the power mode is set to normal, and that the phone is connected to external power when you're in the car.
Upload the data every now and then (maybe once per day) and you'll see points accumulating in your account.

To collect as many points as possible, make sure that your phone is configured to let applications use the GPS, and also try to leave WiFi on when collecting.

(Power/profile managers may interfere with the GPS and the WiFi state, so if you use one of these please make sure it does not prevent Navimote from using the GPS and that it does not switch off WiFi.
I use a profile manager and have configured it to allow GPS use and switch WiFi on whenever the phone is connected to AC power. I've also configured Navimote with the "Normal" power mode and it works well.)
Sign up here smile.gif

Once signed up visit Android Market on your device and download Navimote. In settings you can input your username and password.

Happy earning.

FYI: Works WorldWide. 

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